Empowering Our Digital Journey

Insights and discussions about Digital Self-Determination

Insights and discussions

Positioning Digital Self-Determination with other Governance Models

Recent Initiatives in Self-Regulation and Oversight

Mark Findlay

Mar 6, 2024

Exploring Use Cases and Integrating Digital Self-Determination with Data Governance

We have reached the point in our blog series on DSD where we will explore motivating engagement through demonstrating various use cases while exploring how DSD sits with other forms of data governance.

Mark Findlay

Feb 28, 2024

Digital Self-Determination
The importance of Digital Self-Determination: Why It Matters to You

If you have read and enjoyed the first in this three-part blog series unpacking digital self-determination (DSD) then you might be still scratching your head about some of the terms used.

Mark Findlay

Feb 20, 2024

Digital Self-Determination
So, What About Digital Self-Determination?

In this blog, I will explore the concept of digital self-determination. This principle offers insights into comprehending your digital identity in the middle of the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Mark Findlay

Feb 12, 2024

Digital Self-Determination and Digital Sovereignty In The Geopolitical Arena

Official Launch of the International Network of Digital Self-Determination in Davos during WEF 2024

Natalia González Alarcón, Fanny Pulver

Feb 1, 2024

Digital Self-DeterminationDigital SovereigntyData GovernanceDavos
Navigating today’s geopolitical landscape through the lens of digital sovereignty and digital self-determination

Keynote speech from the Ambassador Roger Dubach, Deputy Director of the Directorate of International Law at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland

Roger Dubach

Jan 23, 2024

Digital Self-DeterminationData governanceInternational Network of Digital Self-Determination
Unlocking the Potential: The Call for an International Decade of Data

Stefaan Verhulst's recent working paper, "Unlocking the Potential: The Call for an International Decade of Data," underscores the urgent need to harness the power of data

Stefaan G. Verhulst

Dec 1, 2023

AI and Big Data: Disruptive Regulation and Digital Self-Determination

Mark Findlay's New Book

Natalia González Alarcón

Oct 11, 2023

Empowering Our Digital Journey

A key pillar of empowerment in the context of digital technologies

Natalia González Alarcón, Fanny Pulver, Stefaan G. Verhulst

Jul 21, 2023

Unleashing the Potential of Digital Self-Determination

Key insights from the Torino panel discussion

Natalia González Alarcón, Stefaan G. Verhulst

Jul 18, 2023

Building global open-access knowledge on Digital Self-Determination


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