Data is changing how we live and engage with and within our societies and our economies. As our digital footprints grow, how do we re-imagine ourselves in the digital world? How will we be able to determine the data-driven decisions that impact us? Digital self-determination offers a unique way of understanding where we (can) live in the digital space.

Today, we are announcing the launch of the International Network on Digital Self-Determination. Through this initiative, we aim to bring together diverse perspectives from different fields around the world to study and design ways to engage in trustworthy data spaces and ensure human centric approaches. Our goal is to transform ‘humans in the loop’ from a catch-phrase to a lived experience at the individual and societal level.

The network is currently comprised of: the Directorate of International Law, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs; the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Data Governance at Singapore Management University; the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University; the Global Tech Policy Practice at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology and The GovLab at New York University.

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