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Empowering Your Digital Future: The Power of Digital Self-Determination

Explore the concept of 'Digital Self-Determination'. Your Data, Your Voice, Your Future.


Driving Digital Self-determination

Mark Findlay. SMU Centre for AI and Data Governance


Promoting Digital Self-Determination

The Swiss network “Digital Self-Determination” includes representatives from the Swiss Federal Administration, academia, civil society and the private sector.


Digital Self-Determination: A Living Syllabus

This syllabus and assorted materials have been created and curated from the 2021 Research Sprint run by the Digital Asia Hub and Berkman Klein Center for Internet Society at Harvard University


Digital self-determination

By Wikipedia


The paths to self-determination

SMU Centre for AI & Data Governance


Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Self-Determination

This FAQ serves as an introductory guide for understanding the multifaceted aspects of Digital Self-Determination and its impact on various stakeholders.


Operationalizing Digital Self Determination

Stefaan G. Verhulst


Disrupting data – digital self-determination

Mark Findlay's chapter examines how data generated by individuals, especially on social media platforms, creates social bonds within data communities and explores the role of digital self-determination in these processes.


12 FAQs on Digital Self-Determination

Mark Findlay. Centre for AI & Data Governance. 25 February, 2022


International Network on Digital Self-Determination “From Principle to Practice”

Digital Self-Determination: A key pillar of empowerment in the digital era


AI and Big Data: Disruptive Regulation and Digital-Self Determination

By Mark Findlay, Josephine Seah and Willow Wong


Creating trustworthy data spaces based on digital self-determination

Report from the DETEC and FDFA to the Federal Council on 30 March 2022


What we are reading

See what Digital Self-Determination team has been reading

Are we entering a “Data Winter”?

By Stefaan G. Verhulst. The urgent need to prevent further decline in opening up data for reuse in the public interest

Between Scylla and Charybdis: Re-designing Collection and Re-use of Data to Determine Access to Services for Youth

By Stefaan G. Verhulst and Moiz Shaikh

Selected Readings on Digital Self-Determination for Migrants

These selected readings look at DSD in light of the growing ubiquity of technology applications and specifically focus on their impacts on migrants. They were produced to inform the first studio on DSD and migration co-hosted by the Big Data for Migration Alliance and the International Digital Self Determination Network.

Living Digital Transformation

The Centre for AI and Data Governance (CAIDG) has developed its working concept Living Digital Transformation, which emphasizes that digital transformation must be human-centric for its sustainability and progressive impact. As data increases exponentially in a digital world, more individuals will demand digital self-determination.

Depending on AI

SMU Centre for AI & Data Governance Research Paper No. 1/2023. This brief think-piece is intended to stimulate interest in knowing more about AI dependencies. The silent partner in digital transformation, and the fourth tech revolution is levels of dependency not previously experienced among all strata and locations of society. True it is that the discovery and operationalization of electricity has generated massive dependencies that are only now being critically valued and gauged as political unrest, resource depletion and a disrupted global economic order have shattered our once peaceful expectations for powering our daily existence. Without power, digital dependencies would be more keenly revealed as they become measured against critical social utility rather than cultures of convenience. That said, the information age and blankets of internet communication networks have meant that this epoch of globalization sees time and temporal space vanish , replaced by a myriad of modern mechanical and data-driven dependencies that keep us alive, fed, on the move and above all else conveniently and inextricably interlinked.